PAMF’s Bounteous Sunnyvale, CA Residential Purchases Planned for Waste/Storage

Wowowowow! PAMF was a high bidder for 448 Kenny Court! Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, generously purchased this modest residential property for $1,250,000.00 on 11/13/2008 to be developed into a 3,250 s.f. Storage and Waste Management Area for PAMF in Sunnyvale!

To compare apples with apples, a similar home in the neighborhood~ 389 S Pastoria Ave, SOLD for $621,000 just one month prior! Now, that’s STEEP APPRECIATION !

PAMF pays $1.25M for 448 Kenny Court!

PAMF pays $1.25M for 448 Kenny Court!

(Click on image to enlarge)

The three Kenny Court residential lots (420, 428, 448) are planned to be developed into the Storage & Waste Management Area for PAMF at 401 Old San Francisco Road. St. Martin’s Elementary School is adjacent (note schoolyard to the left in photo).

For future reference, it is these residential parcels that are in the PAMF legal dispute regarding zoning and the City of Sunnyvale’s General Plan. A general plan is required of each city.

BTW, 428 Kenny Court  scored fairly well too, selling to Palo Alto Medical Foundation for $790,000.00 on 11/17/08!


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