Sunnyvale Requires Palo Alto Medical Foundation ART BUDGET to be $19 MILLION!

Planner Trudi Ryan informed Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, PAMF Project Leader David Jury and Architect Henry Mahlstedt, that the City of Sunnyvale required Artwork preliminary estimate is $19M, subject to review (PAMF004905).

Wow, was that $19 Million????? The news is somewhat staggering! To compare and contrast, the Sunnyvale Planning Dept conditioned PAMF to contribute just a paltry $50,000 to traffic calming devices (to slow speeding traffic) in the Heritage District Neighborhood closest to the rebuild.

If I did my math right, $50,000 is  .0026% of  the Art Budget $19M. Oh, my! Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF is directed to contact the Art in Private Development for conditions regarding the required Artwork. Trudi Ryan states “As for the value of the artwork, it needs to be 1% of the construction valuation.  A very preliminary calculation was close to $19M.”

During the June 23, 2009 Sunnyvale Council Hearing, Resident Tynna Jones had sketched and presented illustrations of  art fountains designed to be placed in the center of Carroll and Bayview to both calm traffic and beautify the “gateway” into the Sunnyvale Heritage Neighborhood.

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation traffic impacts that the PAMF operation will be imposing upon the quiet Sunnyvale Heritage Neighborhood are going to be voluminous.  Just how significant and impactful is an issue of the PAMF lawsuit presently, as the PAMF generated traffic count is buried under “background conditions” and unclear.

So, why would the City of Sunnyvale require $19M for artwork, and just $50,000 for traffic calming devices throughout the Heritage District Neighborhood?

Here’s the email, your feedback is welcome!

(Click to enlarge)

PAMF Required Artwork by Sunnyvale to be $19M

PAMF Required Artwork by Sunnyvale to be $19M


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