Is the $120M PAMF BUILDING a FIT in the Neighborhood?

Former Sunnyvale City Manager, Amy Chan, described Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, PAMF’s 301 Old San Francisco Road location as both “at the edge of and within a residential neighborhood.” 

PAMF Aerial View to North

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, proposed PAMF $120M,  270,000 square foot, 5-level structure, designed by Hawley Peterson Synder Architects , is ambitious, to say the least. Is it a “FIT” with the quiet Heritage Neighborhood District?

Surrounded by two-laned residential streets Carroll, Bayview and Old San Francisco, the planned Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Sunnyvale building, is 52′ high at the center, third story pavilion.

With seemingly limited road/vehicle access, the PAMF structure at this location will total 270,000 square feet  of constructed building (120,000 square feet of interior space is planned for medical use and a two-level underground, 150,000 square foot parking garage).

What is invisible in this illustration are the underground parking structures and  residential homes surrounding the planned PAMF building.

Notably missing, as well, are the two 14’x 14′ Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Chimney Type Parking Garage Exhaust Vents at the northeast and northwest location of the site, just bordering residential homes needed to expel the Hazardous Air Contaminants from the circulating vehicles.

You have to use your imagination a bit to imagine these  inclusions surrounding the building.

Is it compatible with the City’s General Plan? Many neighbors did not think so and voiced their opinions regularly.

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