PAMF FEIR Says “No Thanks” to Additional Shadow Views from Building

Shadows are important to be aware of. So much, in fact, the City of Sunnyvale has a solar ordinance stating that no building permit shall be issued for any construction that interferes with solar access to the rooftop or blocks sunlight greater than 10% during ANY solar cycle. (19.56.020 Solar Envelope)

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

(click image to enlarge)

Finding out just how deep the shadows will fall at other hours became quite a challenge and still remains UNKNOWN.

NOTE: The rooftops that fall in the shadow range have been highlighted to white by the consultant for the Lead Agency in preparation for the PAMF DEIR.

You can see how worrisome and deep the shadows fall during the winter months when a home needs sunlight the most.

These shadow illustrations in the PAMF Draft Environmental Impact Report DEIR for  52′ tall building were severely limited, in my opinion. The illustrations were focused on timeframes: 9:00am and 3:00pm.

The (December 21, 9:00am) morning shadows heavily extend west, across the entire street (Carroll) over my neighbors entire front yard and then onto the roof. Wowowowow!

The (December 21, 3:00pm)shadows fall heavily east across and beyond Bayview. It appeared that the shadows were blanketing the first home on Bayview and Kenny Court.

During our Feb 23, 2009 comments to the Commission, I  had requested that the PAMF Final Environmental Impact Report FEIR for the proposed PAMF building be amended to include December 21st views (per hour) from 7:00am to 5:00pm as the winter is most critical, and it is ideal to maximize your sun exposure to warm your home.

The answer was a firm “nope . . . not interested . .!” in the PAMF FEIR exclaiming “Due to the exaggerated shadows in winter, and the fact that shade is more desirable in the summer the City’s shade and shadow analysis focuses on the Spring and Fall timeframes.”

So . . I’m wondering . . . if the Sunnyvale Solar Envelope Ordinance cites and includes “ANY solar cycle,” is that statement in compliance with the City Code?

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