Sunnyvale PAMF EIR Traffic Study A Morse Code to “The Boss”

The PAMF FEIR Traffic Analysis, apparently a Morse code to Sunnyvale Planning Officer Trudi Ryan, as well,  emails the Environmental Preparers David J Powers at the last-minute for HELP.

With only 4 DAYS until the June 23, 2009 Council Hearing, Ryan emails a request, “Karli and John, can you ask Fehr and Peers to provide an estimate of the percent of traffic on Bayview and Carroll that are associated with PAMF.”    

Ryan continues, “If possible current and future conditions would be helpful.”

Well, my friends, this is the crux of the Petitioner’s complaint regarding the inadequacy of the PAMF Traffic Impact Analysis. It’s UNCLEAR!

These numbers should be clear as a bell! If it doesn’t make sense to “the boss” how can the public?

PAMF Trudi Ryan needs Traffic Count

PAMF Trudi Ryan needs Traffic Count

(click image to enlarge)

The purpose of an environmental impact report EIR is to be used as an informational tool. Those numbers should be comprehensible and they’re not.  



3 responses to “Sunnyvale PAMF EIR Traffic Study A Morse Code to “The Boss”

  1. did she get her…must not have liked it if she did…cause we didn’t hear about it. how frustrating!

    • No new evidence of clarification between current baseline or future traffic counts was provided for public review. Only “background” traffic counts, which are “futuristic” numbers, not based on the actual baseline current. The community wants to know how many cars generated from PAMF are going to be utilizing the residential and surrounding streets. Most likely, the findings will be significant. Hiding those estimates in a “puffed” future baseline is a creative way of minimizing the actual percentage of traffic impact generated from the PAMF project alone, realistically.

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