“Hold Your Laughter But What Can $25,000 Get Us?” Writes Sunnyvale Planner Steve Lynch

“Please hold your laughter but  . . . . what can $25,000  get us?” writes Sunnyvale Principal Planner Gerri Caruso’s replacement, Steve Lynch, in an email to city transportation staff Heba El-Guendy and Jack Witthaus.

So . . . while the Sunnyvale Heritage District Neighborhood was earnestly advocating for safe and calm streets, the paltry $25,000 initially required of PAMF for traffic calming devices was considered laughable?
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"Hold your Laughter" Mocks Steve Lynch 4_27

“Hold your Laughter” Mocks Steve Lynch 4_27

Lynch’s email is referring to the traffic calming devices required of PAMF to be installed around the Old San Francisco, S Sunnyvale, Olive, S Bayview, Central and Cezanne Road mediums to manage the thousands of vehicles per day that the Palo Alto Medical Foundation will generate.

The Heritage District Neighbors spent a considerable amount of time meeting with the Sunnyvale Council Members, Commissioners, Director of Community Affairs, Planning Dept, Traffic Dept and PAMF to advocate for street closures and traffic mitigation in order to protect the safety and residential quality of the neighborhood.

The Heritage District Neighborhood is greatly concerned about the safety for pedestrians, the elderly and our children, and the City of Sunnyvale’s initial proposal for PAMF’s traffic mitigation is found to be laughable?

Meanwhile the City of Sunnyvale did not miss a beat when requiring PAMF to install $19 Million Dollars worth of public art.

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