Gerri Caruso’s “Hands in the Cookie Jar” After “Conflict of Interest” Resignation

At nearly the stroke of midnight, after years of authoritative decision-making for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Project/DEIR/FEIR it suddenly came to light that Principal Planner, Lead Agency Gerri Caruso was advised to resign to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.            

Apparently, Caruso’s husband had conducted business for PAMF          

On 4/13/09 Trudi Ryan emailed PAMF representatives stating that “a conflict of interest may occur when income is received that totals $500 or more in the 12 mos prior to decision-making. The City has determined that to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest the project would be assigned to a new project planner at this time.”           

(click image to enlarge)
Caruso Resigns to Avoid Conflict of Interest 4_13_09

Caruso Resigns to Avoid Conflict of Interest 4_13_09


Sunnyvale Planner Trudi Ryan continues that she will be working with Planner Steve Lynch to bring him up to speed on the project.
However, two days after the conflict of interest resignation, email dated 4/15/09, Caruso still is conducting businessrequesting Architect Mahlstedt for numbers/figures for the plan view of the underground parking structure and more to verify the parking numbers.
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Caruso Still Working on PAMF Project 4_15_09

Caruso Still Working on PAMF Project 4_15_09


And . . two weeks after that, email dated 4/27/09, Lead Planner Trudi Ryan writes that she has PRINTED OUT THE COMMENT and gave it to Gerri to assign to someone. Ryan instructs replacement Lynch to “Please find out who is/is not working on it!”  The comment is referring to preparation for the PAMF FEIR response.
Caruso Working on PAMF Project 4_27_09

Caruso Working on PAMF Project 4_27_09


Trudi Ryan “PRINTED OUT” the comment to Gerri Caruso to assign to someone? Snail mail seems rather odd to me when it’s easier to send via email as an attachment?
And consider this . . . Gerri Caruso resigns after working intensively as Lead Agency with the PAMF project involving weekly decision-making meetings beginning in 2008 with the planners, architects, environmental preparers, City Manager Gary Luebers, Community Director Hanson Hom and more. 
So, when the PAMF EIR Project is just about wrapped up, it “recently came to light” that her husband had conducted business with PAMF the year prior?
How recent was “recent?”

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