Did PAMF’s Warning to Find an Alternative Site Outside of Sunnyvale Result in a Rushed EIR?

On October 7. 2008, PAMF President Dr. Slavin writes of frustration to Sunnyvale City Manager, Amy Chan, requesting an expedited delivery of the Environmental Impact Report.
Slavin states that the lack of communication is frustrating, disappointing and extremely costly. He continues, “further delays are not acceptable and will force us to look at alternative sites outside of Sunnyvale.”          
PAMF May be Forced to Look Outside Sunnyvale Due to Delays

PAMF May be Forced to Look Outside Sunnyvale Due to Delays

(click image to enlarge)
Dr. Slavin requested a firm timeline, and weekly meetings with the Community Development Director, a project manager assigned by the city, and David J. Powers and Associates representatives. John Schwartz from DJ Powers Associates wrote that he could meet the January deadline with a few changes:
  1. No second ADEIR necessary
  2. Short City review time on ADEIR
  3. No major comments received or add’l tech analysis needed

Given the “bare-bones” approach, did the result ensure an adequate EIR?

Copies of the PAMF DEIR/FEIR are available for review at the City of Sunnyvale Library and Planning Dept.

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