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FREE 28 Months of Thunderous Pile-Driver “Hammer-Rap” for the Neighbors, Courtesy of PAMF

Get ready to party to agitating, pile driver, hammering noise, and lots of it! The Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) did not seem to bat an eye at imposing 28 months of loud, 6 day work-week, intense construction noise to their neighbors despite numerous comments and complaints from community members during the June 23, 2009 hearing.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation Giant Excavator Digging feet away from residential homes on Jarvis Court, Sunnyvale

Palo Alto Medical Foundation Giant Excavator Digging feet away from residential homes on Jarvis Court, Sunnyvale

Before the neighbors are told, “Tough luck, there are overriding considerations as to why you must expect over 2 years of construction noise exceeding the City of Sunnyvale Noise Standards,” CEQA requires there be a thorough analysis of alternatives that could reduce this significant adverse unavoidable environmental impact to a less than significant level.

And . . there wasn’t. This is so despite the numerous comments on the noise problem, noise mitigation or lack thereof.
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Sunnyvale PAMF EIR Traffic Study A Morse Code to “The Boss”

The PAMF FEIR Traffic Analysis, apparently a Morse code to Sunnyvale Planning Officer Trudi Ryan, as well,  emails the Environmental Preparers David J Powers at the last-minute for HELP.

With only 4 DAYS until the June 23, 2009 Council Hearing, Ryan emails a request, “Karli and John, can you ask Fehr and Peers to provide an estimate of the percent of traffic on Bayview and Carroll that are associated with PAMF.”     Continue reading

Bottleneck Traffic in Line for PAMF Site?

PAMF’s planned location of the ambitious $120M, 270,000 square foot, 5 level  structure at the edge and within the Sunnyvale Heritage District Neighborhood is an incompatible choice, according to many, as  the site is not well-connected to the roadway network.               

The site is surrounded by two-lane former “horse and buggy streets” residential Carroll, S Bayview, S Sunnyvale Ave and Old San Francisco Road, with limited access. It may be like jamming an endless number of sand particles through an hour-glass timer within the neighborhood and slowly waiting for the particles to sift through the narrow funnels.         

NOTE: The street in front of the illustrated PAMF building is NOT a wide boulevard as drawn. It is currently two-laned Old San Francisco Road with stop signs at Cezanne and Bayview.  


PAMF View Surrounded by Two-Lane Residential Streets

PAMF View Surrounded by Two-Lane Residential Streets


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Why Are Sun and Shadows of Value?

As our world is encountering a crisis of the need to replace non-renewable resources, the value of solar technology is becoming more evident and in being utilized with solutions and alternatives to gas and electricity.
Rooftops are not the only part of the house that need sunlight, especially during the winter. The walls themselves need sun as they are retainers and play a vital role in maintaining warmth during winter months. If they do not receive sun, the overall need for more energy to heat the home and run the heater continuously is excess usage of energy.

“Council is the Ultimate Fact-Finder and Decision Maker” States City Attorney David Kahn

When Sunnyvale Councilman Christopher Moylan asked for his approval or disapproval of the PAMF EIR to meet CEQA during the June 23, 2009 hearing, City Attorney David Kahn replied “the Council is the ultimate fact finder and decision maker on the adequacy of the EIR.”

Kahn added “The CEQA document is really a disclosure document to disclose and look at all the reasonable environmental impact. If the Council . . . believes . . . that the – – the document does disclose and look at the documents, then it’s not required to look at every possible issue.”

Wow, when I heard Kahn say that I couldn’t believe it! The impression to me was “loosey-goosey.”

The Sunnyvale City Planners, Council and public had been presented with NEW material and findings during the June 23, 2009 Hearing: Air Quality Reports, Visibility View Site Lines, Unresolved Traffic Issues, Parking Garage Exhaust Vents, Construction Noise Contours, etc.

Did the Council Members, Planners and those not involved in the decision-making process as required by CEQA have an adequate amount of time to review and analyze the new material delivered at the hearing?

According to myself and many witnesses present, NO!

NOTE: The Sunnyvale City Council has recently been sued and lost both the Mary Avenue Extension Project and Mathilda Overcrossing Project.

The Sunnyvale City Council is currently faced with a third CEQA EIR Lawsuit, the PAMF EIR.

Copies of the PAMF DEIR/FEIR can be located at the Sunnyvale Library and Planning Dept for review.

PAMF FEIR Says “No Thanks” to Additional Shadow Views from Building

Shadows are important to be aware of. So much, in fact, the City of Sunnyvale has a solar ordinance stating that no building permit shall be issued for any construction that interferes with solar access to the rooftop or blocks sunlight greater than 10% during ANY solar cycle. (19.56.020 Solar Envelope)

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

(click image to enlarge)

Finding out just how deep the shadows will fall at other hours became quite a challenge and still remains UNKNOWN.

NOTE: The rooftops that fall in the shadow range have been highlighted to white by the consultant for the Lead Agency in preparation for the PAMF DEIR.

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Can 75% of PAMF GARAGE Vehicle Emissions Vent Through the Ramps?

Why wasn’t the Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Air Quality Report for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Sunnyvale Underground Parking Structure, designed by Hawley Peterson Synder Architects, provided in the PAMF DEIR/FEIR for disclosure and review?

LATE for the party and PRESENTED for the first time ON THE EVE of the COUNCIL VOTE, the Air Quality report estimates 75% of the expelled carbon monoxide emissions to vent independently through these narrow ramps leading to the underground parking structure for PAMF to be located at 301 Old San Francisco Road.
PAMF Sunnyvale Ramp Illustration Leading to Underground Parking Structure

PAMF Sunnyvale Ramp Illustration Leading to Underground Parking Structure

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