Limited 300 Feet Notification Area Surrounding Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Site

Imagine your residential home located just 5 houses away from the proposed Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation to soar 52 Feet Tall, with a combined medical building and underground garage to total  300,000 square feet, including over 800 parking spaces and never being notified of the plans.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

The scope of the PAMF project, designed by Hawley Peterson Synder Architects, was significant enough to warrant an Environmental Impact Report PAMF EIR because the impacts will affect the environment.

Imagine never knowing that you will need to endure 28 months of continuous Monday – Saturday loud PAMF construction noise that will exceed the City of Sunnyvale ordinance and traffic impacts that will change your neighborhood forever.

And that the Sunnyvale City Council would approve the Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF EIR environmental impacts with over-riding consideration.

The City of Sunnyvale Distribution/Notification Area was a limited 300 feet radius from the 301 and 401 Old San Francisco Road/ 420, 428 and 448 Kenny Court site.

Although affected as well, the homes beyond the 300 feet area through the Sunnyvale Heritage District Neighborhood ~ Olive, Carroll, Bayview and Central, were not on the Notification/Distribution List.

Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF 300 ft Distribution List

Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF 300 ft Distribution List

Common sense would assume that given the scope and intensity of the PAMF  project, that a broader scope of notification would be mandatory.

Rather than provide the elderly and busy residents with copies of the PAMF Draft EIR, those notified were directed to review the reports located at the Sunnyvale Public Library or City of Sunnyvale One Stop Permit Center.

As the “word got out,” neighbors telling other neighbors about the project, residents became involved, forming a group called CARz (Citizens Address Re-Zoning) and advocating.

Know your neighbors, be aware of and talk about upcoming projects! An intense project such as the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation could happen 5 homes away without your knowledge, input or approval!


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