PAMF Sunnyvale Warns of Asbestos

PAMF Public Affairs Manager Cynthia Greaves warned the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation Heritage District Neighbors, December 7, 2010, of clean-up work demolishing tiles and insulation containing asbestos to begin and continue throughout the month of December.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

What ever happened to holiday twinkling Christmas lights, reindeer and an occasional sighting of Santa during the month of December? No, instead, PAMF neighbors and Sprouts shoppers will be greeted with dumpsters containing dust, old tiles and removed insulation containing asbestos in the remedial work of the two story, 72,065 sq. ft. Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation site. 

According to, the hardest part of asbestos removal is making sure the particles stay out of the air. Different asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are removed by different methods, but the one thing they have in common is to avoid filling the air with the kind of dust that’s taken for granted in other demolition or renovation projects.

As asbestos is known to cause cancer, states: Remember, the property owner is liable for asbestos released into the air and people exposed on the property, on the way to disposal, or at the dump.

PAMF has retained Bluewater Environmental to conduct the work, which will take three to four weeks to complete.

Cynthia Greaves writes “if you have any questions or concerns about work at the site, please call PAMF’s Sunnyvale Hotline at (408) 523-3950 or call me directly at 650-444-3019.”

Greaves continues “this remediation must be completed before we can begin demolition of the old building, something we hope to do in January.”


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