Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation Demolishes Building Despite CEQA Litigation

The Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), a Subsidiary of Sutter Health, has demolished the former 301 Old San Francisco Road  Building and is preparing the site despite the PAMF Environmental Impact Report (PAMF EIR) CEQA Litigation.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

PAMF Plywood Fence Noise Barrier Adequate?

PAMF Plywood Fence Noise Barrier. Will this be Adequate?

Note the 8′ plywood fence noise barrier. According to the PAMF DEIR, the purpose is to shield adjacent residences from MAJOR noise generating phases of demolition and construction to reach 75dBA on Jarvis Court, exceeding The City of Sunnyvale Noise Ordinance.            

The excavation or  Shoring Systems will be two levels below grade (25 feet) at the 301 Old San Francisco Sunnyvale PAMF site to accommodate the planned two-level underground parking garage.

Look how close the adjacent home is to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation lot! The construction is estimated to be 28 months and this is the BEST noise reducing mitigation the City of Sunnyvale Council required PAMF to install?

Sunnyvale PAMF Demolition to reach 75dBA

Sunnyvale PAMF Demolition to reach 75dBA

Councilman David Whittum stated that 54 homes in the Sunnyvale Heritage Neighborhood would be affected by PAMF construction noise during the June 23, 2009 Hearing. Whittum suggested that retrofitting the 54 affected homes was the only way to secure compliance with the city’s noise standards.

The Motion was denied by the other CouncilMembers during the hearing.

PAMF Disturbance Coordinator Cynthia Greaves can be reached at 650-444-3019.

The Construction Hours Posted are Mon – Fri 7:00am – 6:00 pm,  Sat 8:00am – 5:00pm.



2 responses to “Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation Demolishes Building Despite CEQA Litigation

  1. those 2 trees you see at the inside of the plywood noise barrier are gone now. Soon to be replaced by 10’+ carbon monixide vents for the parking structure.
    AND this facility is for cancer treatment?

    • Yes, you are referring to the same location that the carbon monoxide garage vents are planned to be adjacent to this property. To compare and contrast, click here for an illustration provided from Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects. The plywood fence shows how close the vents will be to the neighboring property. As well, note the full-grown redwood trees (50 year old?) supposed to shield the neighbors from air toxins and views from above? They will completely shade these homes year round as redwood trees are evergreen.

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