Vote PAT MEYERING Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011 Seat 5

Vote PAT MEYERING for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011_Seat 5

We all care about Sunnyvale and want to make it better. PAT MEYERING is running for the City Council to promote your interests — the interests of Sunnyvale’s residents.

As an attorney with 30 years work experience, 4 years on Sunnyvale’s Housing Commission, and as an Environmental Law Instructor at De Anza College, he has the knowledge and attention to detail needed to focus the Council on serving the residents’ needs. 

As a Member of the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters, PAT MEYERING supported the active participation of taxpayers in government decisions.

Vote PAT MEYERING for Sunnyvale Council seat 5 Nov 8, 2011

Vote PAT MEYERING for Sunnyvale Council seat 5 Nov 8, 2011

On the Sunnyvale Council, Pat will:

1. Halt the Council’s effort to increase Sunnyvale’s population.

2. Preserve Sunnyvale’s residential quality of life.

3. Require the downtown developer to complete the project’s Retail portion and begin leasing to tenants.

4. Reverse Council’s decision to cancel $5,000,000 penalty on downtown developer for choosing not to complete the project on time.

5. Prohibit current practice of Councilmembers taking money from developers seeking City approval for construction projects.

6. Restart the job-match program [which the Council eliminated] at the Sunnyvale Senior Center  for unemployed residents over 50 years of age.

7. Eliminate the 48 % pay raise the Council took over the current 2 terms and cancel the lifetime medical reimbursement, this Council voted for itself.

8. Refocus the City on preventing crime and enhancing public safety.
•League of Women Voters, Board of Directors   2008  –  2009
•Sunnyvale Housing and Human Services Commissioner  2005 –  2009
•Local college instructor
•Member U.S. Supreme Court Bar + State Bar of California
•Sunnyvale School District Adult Education Instructor
•Sunnyvale Senior Center volunteer Instructor
•Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce Member
•Columbia Neighborhood Center Community Advisory Committee 2004- 2005
•Ronald McDonald House volunteer
•Foreign Service Veteran     (408) 507-0039

***Pat’s experience as a School District Adult Education Instructor and as a member of the Chamber of Commerce are good preparation for a responsive and responsible Councilmember.  In 2005 he submitted research to the City Council on the benefits of increasing public awareness of campaign ethical guidelines.  This year Sunnyvale will build such public awareness.

Having served overseas as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Pat appreciates the rich resource provided by the diverse backgrounds of Sunnyvale residents.

Please join numerous residents and officials in supporting Pat as we work together to build a better Sunnyvale in preparation for our Centennial celebration in 2012.

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