Vote PAT MEYERING, DAVID WHITTUM and STEVE HOFFMAN for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011

Vote PAT MEYERING, DAVID WHITTUM and STEVE HOFFMAN for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011

Courtesy: Tom Gregory, 26 Oct 2011

Hi Sunnyvale Friends,

I watched the video podcast of the Sunnyvale City Council Candidates Forum. Who else do you know who has watched the whole 2 hours? 

I watched because I want to be an informed voter, but also because I am interested in “direct democracy” and whether we can actually govern ourselves. I have a blog describing “A Government You Can Love” and how you can get it. And another blog: “Direct Democracy at the Local Level”  (Links to the these blogs and the forum podcast are below}

Three Sunnyvale Council candidates could start direct democracy at the local level because they clearly stated that they want what the residents want. The other candidates are mostly associated with real estate developers or unions.

Here are the three candidates that want what the residents want..

Seat 5: Pat Meyering is outraged that the City Council voted themselves a 48% pay raise and lifetime medical benefits for serving one term. At the same time the council closed the library for two nights a week, cut out a community swimming pool, and allowed an effective 4% raise for the city employees.  They also dismissed a 5M$ penalty on the 4th and final developer of the failed downtown project. Some of the current council candidates have received contributions from developers or unions. Pat Meyering is one of the three who have not.

Seat 4: David Whittum is self funded, and unopposed.

Seat 6: Steve Hoffman takes NO contributions. He wants no conflict of interest in voting for citizen preferences. He wants to roll back some of the city salaries. For example, the Library Director at 190K$/year plus benefits of about 40K$ or 230K$/year. While other candidates expounded on Sunnyvale’s greatness, Steve referred to the Sunnyvale Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that says Sunnyvale is in decline (services down, expenditures up). He wants the people to decide issues, not the money contributors.

Please  consider voting for these three candidates.

Pat Meyering Seat 5
David Whittum Seat 4
Steve Hoffman Seat 6

Click on the links below to see:

Sunnyvale City Council Candidate Forum podcast”  {Recommended}
A Government You Can Love”   At the Federal Level, with FAQ
Direct Democracy at the Local Level

Tom Gregory

Please email this to those who would like a say in Sunnyvale matters.

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