PAMF Sutter Health Exhaust Vents Called “Substantive Disregard of Human Health” for 80-Year-Old Woman

To me, the most disturbing and distasteful feature of the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation, designed by Hawley Peterson Snyder, is the nonchalant placement of the Parking Garage Exhaust Vent adjacent to an 80-year-old woman’s home which was omitted from study in the PAMF DEIR/FEIR.

PAMF Parking Garage Vents
PAMF Parking Garage Vents

During the June 23, 2009 Council Hearinga compelling speaker, Trustee Robert Varesio, implored “The Planning Commission would not address or answer my questions about persistent proximate exposure.”      

“This vent will be pumping the collected concentrated toxic gas from up to 300 cars into the air less than 30 feet from the living room window of a residence of a woman in her 80’s. So what are the exposure levels at that distance? And what are the risk factors for continued inhalation of this contaminated air?”

“Council certification of the EIR without addressing this point should be considered a substantive disregard of human health.”

It was feasible to move the vents and there was discussion to do so. Moving the vents would result in a loss of just 7-9 parking spaces.

Councilmember Christopher Moylan, in an icy tiradeshot down the motion stating that moving the vents “to me it’s a bad trade-off to say we’re going to give up a bunch of parking spaces and take the risk that people will start parking in the streets again.”

Councilmembers Tony Spitaleri, Christopher Moylan, Ron Swegles, John Howe, Dean Chu, Melinda Hamilton voted to approve the PAMF EIR/Project with the vents and complaints of inadequacy.

David Whittum voted NO.

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