Sunnyvale Residents at risk by Cupertino Village High-Density Project

Courtesy:  Holly Lofgren  – Sunnyvale Resident/Community Activist/Nonprofit Professional


Sunnyvale’s residents are deeply concerned about high-density overdevelopment  on the city’s border with Cupertino.

Cupertino’s  Planning Commission intends to give a building permit to Kimco Realty for further  developing a shopping mall directly beside Sunnyvale residential neighborhoods. 

Cupertino’s Commission meets on Thursday, August 8th, at 5PM, at the  Cupertino City Hall, Conference Room C , 10300 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, California

Sunnyvale Residents have Raised  the following concerns:  click here for attached letter to Cupertino’s City Planner

a)   No Environmental Impact Report has been done and the old California Environmental Quality Act report is no longer valid due to the nearby Apple campus development.

b)  Neighborhood residents were not properly notified about the November 2011 of public hearing, at which  Kimco’s use permit was to extended and modified,

c)  the new Designs for the shopping mall do not follow the conditions the neighbors agreed to in 2008.

Please go to the meeting and also inform Sunnyvale City Council

of your disappointment with the overdevelopment.

Holly Lofgren  – Sunnyvale Resident/Community Activist/Nonprofit Professional

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