When the majority on Sunnyvale’s City Council voted to make an added $1,517,500.00 payment to the city’s garbage company, Councilmember Chris Moylan was an enthusiastic supporter. It turns out, Moylan took money from the garbage company.

Before Moylan cast his vote supporting the additional payment of city money to his garbage company donor, he had also voted to approve an unusual development agreement, with the city’s downtown developer.

Turns out Moylan also took money from the developer. The unusual development agreement allowed Moylan’s donor/ the developer/ to avoid the standard requirement of purchasing and posting an overall performance bond. Such a bond is a guarantee from a third-party (usually a bank or an insurance company) that money needed to complete a specified project will be paid if the contractor fails to fully perform. 

Sunnyvale’s downtown developer/ Moylan’s donor then delayed and eventually walked away from the project, wanting to bid in the subsequent foreclosure procedure, pennies on the dollar for the city’s downtown land.

Moylan is now blocking legal action by the city to acquire title to the downtown property, saying he wants to maintain amicable relations with the parties, one of whom is his donor. Moylan has also repeatedly facilitated improper closed-door-meetings voting to give a bonus and pay raise to the city manager. These private meetings violate California Government Code Section 54957.(b)4).

“Salaries and other terms of compensation constitute municipal budgetary matters of substantial public interest warranting open discussion and eventual electoral public ratification.” (San Diego Union v. City Council (1983) 146 Cal.App.3d 947, 955.) Moylan scoffed at the law saying, “the residents are not our bosses.”

Moylan arranged these improper closed-door meetings because he knew a bonus and pay raise for the city manager had no merit. Moylan engineered the September 2012 council incident, when 5 councilmembers claimed they could prevent the councilmember, who disagreed with the $21,000 bonus for the city manager, from speaking on the issue before the vote.

Moylan said the microphone of that councilmember should be turned off. Moylan repeatedly voted to budget his own 48% overall pay raise.

Moylan frequently disrupts Sunnyvale council meetings by raising his voice, making faces and interrupting residents who express disagreements with Moylan’s views. In one case Moylan shouted at a resident addressing the council that the person was a “dictator”.

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