Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Griffith accused of identify theft

After learning that Sunnyvale Councilmember and Vice Mayor Jim Griffith may be formally charged with committing a crime of identify theft, outraged Sunnyvale residents are calling Griffith a disgraceful politician and have recommended voting him out of office.

Candidate Tap Merrick approached the Sunnyvale City Council on Aug 13, protesting the unethical identity theft of his name and campaign administered and paid for by Councilmember and Vice Mayor Jim Griffith.

Both JIM GRIFFITH and TAPPAN (TAP) G. MERRICK are running for Sunnyvale City Council Seat 3 Election on NOVEMBER 5, 2013.

Tap Merrick reported that his opponent Councilmember Jim Griffith, who stole his identify, has broken the law (Penal Code Section 528.5) by electronically impersonating him. Merrick stated that he shall be pressing charges.

Merrick distributed copies of the fictitious websites around to the staff and councilmembers. It appears to be, in my opinion, an unethical and malicious effort by Griffith in which to  sabotage Tap Merrick’s credibility and campaign integrity. It’s important to note, as well, that Griffith was seated at the Council table listening, and failed to deny or object Merrick’s claim.

Apparently this type of behavior isn’t new for Jim Griffith.  Previous prankster websites have been traced back to Jim Griffith’s computer. It has been stated that Griffith posted some personal attacks anonymously on the internet against his opponents in the past, which is a violation of campaign ethics.

Tap Merrick purchased and has developed his campaign under the domain, Jim Griffith registered and and created a fictitious site in an effort to devalue and harm Merrick’s credibility, in my opinion.

Jim Griffith’s sites the “.net” and “.com” are now are routed and directed to Merrick’s true campaign site. Rest assured, this is not a “fix”, the domain owner can “point or forward” a domain address to another website, which is what Griffith has done presently.

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