Gustav Larsson was a “NO SHOW,” not a broker for PAMF compromise

The San Jose Mercury Editorial dated Sept 27, 2013 is falsely stating that “Gustav Larsson calmed residents and brokered a compromise with the city over the PAMF expansion.”

Brokered a compromise? The truth is that Gustav Larssondropped out” of the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF residential advocacy mid-process, in fact, he was a “NO SHOW” at the Sunnyvale Planning Commission Hearing just a few weeks prior to the Council vote – when each voice and issue mattered!

If Gustav had brokered a deal, wouldn’t it make sense that the Sunnyvale Sun would have interviewed him instead of Jeff Jones? CLICK HERE for the dropbox link to the Sunnyvale Sun interview with Jeff Jones for an article, dated April 29, 2009, regarding the PAMF Sunnyvale Heritage Neighborhood project revision. 

Gustav Larsson was not the sole liaison between PAMF, the city and the neighbors! It was the involvement and efforts of many neighbors including CARz (Citizens Against Rezoning) that effected the results.

CLICK HERE for the dropbox link to the June 8, 2009 Sunnyvale Planning Commission hearing meetings and note – Gustav is absent!

The “About” page chronicles efforts and work of the CARz Heritage neighbors on behalf of the residential issues regarding the PAMF EIR and Palo Alto Medical Foundation rebuild.

PAMF did scale back their project, and my sense is that it had to do more with violating the Sunnyvale Shadow Ordinance of heavy shadows falling on the residential homes exceeding 10% rather than “we’re being kind to the neighbors.” A business would not shave 30,000 s.f. off their operation/building unless it were required.

Shortly after the Council approved the PAMF project the announcement was made that Gustav had been nominated to City of Sunnyvale for the Planning Commission. His residential voice had gone silent.

I am disappointed to read such untruth in the San Jose Mercury News Editorial.

Vote for Andy Frazer, Tap Merrick and Steve Hoffman for Sunnyvale City Council!


One response to “Gustav Larsson was a “NO SHOW,” not a broker for PAMF compromise

  1. How is it the current Sunnyvale City Council members place folks on committees (such as the Planning Commission) and then pile on the endorsements for those folks to run for City Council? Sound like an ole-boy network to you? Can you spell CRONYISM?

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