VOTE Frazer, Hoffman and Merrick for Sunnyvale Council and Residential Representation

VOTE:  Seat 1 Andy Frazer , Seat 2 Steve Hoffman , Seat 3 Tap Merrick  for Sunnyvale City Council 2013 Election!

Andy Frazer, Steve Hoffman and Tap Merrick have been actively advocating for your Sunnyvale residential issues including Pension Reform, Public Safety, Raynor Activity Center, Ponderosa Park, S.N.A.I.L. LinkedIn Neighborhood concerns, Lakewood Village (library and pool), Butcher’s Corner, to name a few.  Andy, Steve and Tap are earnest, attending all Sunnyvale City Council Meetings and speaking on behalf of important residential  issues. They have gained strong participation and cooperation from the other residents that support the issues they have championed.

Meanwhile, their opponents Sunnyvale Planning Chair Gustav Larsson, Commissioner Glenn Hendricks and Councilmember Jim Griffith have been busy approving large commercial projects such as the massive LinkedIn building that has stirred a lot of grief among the S.N.A.I.L residents.

View of LinkedIn Building from Pine Avenue

View of LinkedIn Building from Pine Avenue

“Those windows look directly into my back yard,” Anne Davis said. And, according to the Sunnyvale Planning minutes, dated Nov 12, 2012, neither Gustav Larsson nor Glenn Hendricks requested sight line drawings or visibility views to evaluate and protect the residential neighborhood from the 560,000 square foot, 100′ tall “black wall” in their backyards as they call it.

CLICK HERE for the planning minutes documenting Gustav Larsson simply asking for LEED, sidewalks and trees, and Glenn Hendricks stating how enthusiastic he is about the project.

Councilmember Jim Griffith wasn’t much help either to the S.N.A.I.L. neighbors, approving the project during the Council Hearing, and later stating that he did not even get the magnitude.

Gustav Larsson should know better, when we were working together on the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF rebuild issues, I advocated strongly to have visibility views which I posted on this blog in Sept 27, 2010 titled “Will neighbors lose their privacy?” Larsson was not interested in this issue during our PAMF ordeal, so I am not surprised that he did not advocate this type of residential issue for the S.N.A.I.L. neighborhood.

This year your vote matters!

VOTE:  Seat 1 Andy Frazer , Seat 2 Steve Hoffman ,Seat 3 Tap Merrick  for Sunnyvale City Council 2013 Election!


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