Nothing “Civil” about Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Griffith stealing identity of Opponent Tap Merrick

Today  Sunnyvale residents received glossy 9×12 fliers in their mailboxes, from the special interest organization  PSOA, with a caustic San Jose Mercury Editorial, authored by Barbara Marshman, attacking three genuinely impassioned, community leaders  –  City of Sunnyvale Council Candidates Andy Frazer, Steve Hoffman and Tap Merrick.

The insane “flip-side” of Barbara’s “civil” party endorsements include the City of Sunnyvale Council Vice Mayor and Candidate, Jim Griffith, who may be formally charged with committing a crime of identify theft of unethical identify theft of his opponents name and point directing of a campaign website.

Sunnyvale Jim Griffith unethical identify theft of his opponents name and campaign website.

Sunnyvale Jim Griffith unethical identify theft of his opponents name and campaign website

Community members have cried “we want healthy political competition, not underhanded, unfair, unhealthy behavior to permeate the Sunnyvale political environment.”

Gigi Clark proclaimed:

Jim Griffith is an example of a disgraceful politician and not worthy of our votes if these accusations are correct. They appear to be accurate according to discussions during the recent city council meeting, in which Griffith failed to deny.

He was caught impersonating Tap Merrick, his opponent, on the internet in an attempt to divert traffic from Tap Merrick’s political website to Griffith’s own fake webpages. Griffith owns and the .net versions. Right after Griffith was exposed, he quickly changed his webpages to route to Tap Merrick’s true website.

If that isn’t bad enough, we’re discovering this type of behavior isn’t new for Jim Griffith. Apparently, he posted some personal attacks anonymously on the internet against his opponents in the past. These are the acts of a coward! This is a serious matter because he has violated laws as well as Sunnyvale’s code of ethics. We want healthy political competition, not underhanded, unfair, unhealthy behavior to permeate the Sunnyvale political environment.

I SAY WE VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE!!! It was not a joke! It was the act of a person who has no integrity.

You’ll never convince me that Jim Griffith set up those websites for Tap Merrick’s benefit. Griffith cannot even run a campaign without developer money. He knows he needs all the help he can get. It will be interesting to see if the judge thinks this is a joke when he is charged with a crime.

Please VOTE for the Sunnyvale residents and leaders who have been advocating on your behalf:  

You are welcome to contact each candidate to verify the non-truthful Mercury editorial and the high goals Frazer, Hoffman and Merrick have to build a city you can be proud of.


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