E Weddell and Tasman Crossing – Way too much development

Courtesy  Gina Senzatimore

I am a Sunnyvale resident concerned and outraged over the high-density housing, tall buildings and overdevelopment throughout our city, and especially in north Sunnyvale. The proposed East Weddell Project, currently zoned commercial, is intense enough to require an Environmental Impact Report EIR and is in process.

This Project proposes 670 apartments, on contaminated soil at 610 East Weddell (formerly Analog Devices) with an application for a general plan and zoning change. It’s  already a traffic nightmare here.

Since 2004, almost every piece of land, now call “Tasman Crossing”  is or has been developed with dense, multi level  housing, condos, townhomes or apartments. There are five-story apartments and new apartments still being built.

The streets are not pedestrian-friendly, despite new sidewalks. Cars speed 50-60 miles per hour on Fair Oaks (the speed limit is 45) and is like a freeway.  The speed limit should be slowed down now that the area has changed from commercial to residential.

Enough is enough. It has to stop. 

The roads are already clogged, traffic noise is awful, and we have been listening to the sound of construction and trees being cut down for too long. We are also frightened of the toxic emissions that will be released from the demolition of the existing buildings, and known ground contaminants that place our community in a high-risk category.

Many people walk to the light rail on Tasman, yet cars reluctantly yield to people in crosswalks and run red lights at Fair Oaks and Weddell. During the morning commute and evening rush home, this area is busy, fast and dangerous. There have been many accidents, some fatal. Beautiful trees have been removed.

All Sunnyvale residents should know that more developments are being planned here; 97 luxury apartments on Fair Oaks (between Weddell and Tasman) are being built, plus two huge apartment complexes (totaling over 670 units) on Weddell Drive. This will only congest the area more, as well as the entire city.

We have yet to see the completion of a new park on Morse Avenue (I hear it won’t be completed until 2015). I see no plans for any new schools. We need a high school on this side of town (Sunnyvale High, part 2?). My daughter has a two-hour commute every day on public transportation to Fremont High. It is ridiculous.

Sunnyvale residents need to know this is going on throughout our city.

Meanwhile, I am informing my neighbors how our only access road, E. Weddell Drive, will be a bottleneck every morning and evening. The city has downplayed the size of these developments, sent letters to a small radius of residents (even though we all use the same roads), leaving many in the dark or misinformed. Neighbors don’t realize the plans are for a four-story building with a four-story parking garage. This is just one story less than the towering Via apartments on Tasman, which many thought would include affordable senior housing (which turned out to not be true).

Just trying to get out to the intersection will back up cars into our neighborhood. We have one driveway in and out of our community – East Weddell. Adding hundreds of cars to our small street will inconvenience every resident who is trying to get to work, take their children to school, and, as my 80-year-old neighbor does, get to bingo on Monday nights.

If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.

Gina Senzatimore  Sunnyvale

5 responses to “E Weddell and Tasman Crossing – Way too much development

  1. Sunnyvale Resident.

    Fully Agree.

    • I agree with you Micheal Rose and Gina Senzatimore! this reminds me of the mess Frairchild Semi Conductor did in South San Jose . It took over 25 years to clean that mess. If we do not learn from other people’s mistakes we are definitely are going to be in for some major heartache in the future. So, Sunnyvale city council don’t look at just the immediate moneys the developers are going to promise this city, do your homework see what the long term ramifications are. Do your fiduciary duty, and what the voters entrusted you to do
      Tewfik Mourad(snail resident.)

  2. Thank you. You are so right. Traffic, pedestrian hazards, and contaminated soil. No doubt the powers that be will tell you the past contamination has been corrected. BAH!

  3. If it were not for the “powers that be”, how would you know that the soil was ever contaminated?

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