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Seismic Hazard Liquefaction and FEMA Flood Hazard Zones Omitted from East Weddell DEIR

Oh . . . oopsy! just a little omission from the East Weddell Projects Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)  proposed for 670 apartments- not only is the ground contaminated with hazardous carcinogens, but the whole area is in a Seismic Hazard Liquefaction and FEMA Flood Hazard Zones conveniently omitted from  disclosure on the report.

Proposed Sunnyvale East Weddell Project Illustration EIR

Proposed Sunnyvale East Weddell Project Illustration EIR

You wonder how these big developmental projects get approved? It starts in the City of Sunnyvale Planning Department. In fact, the “lead agency” for the is the City Planning Staff, so they get to decide how to direct the EIR report.

The lead agency must analyze project impacts to 18 different environmental resource factors detailed in Appendix G during their CEQA review, yet some very important items have been omitted by direction of the City of Sunnyvale Staff.

The East Weddell Projects DEIR identifies hazardous contaminants – Arsenic, VOC, tetrachloroethylene (PCE), vanadium, groundwater containing petroleum hydrocarbons in the diesel and motor oil, to name a few, which place residents at high risk for adverse health known to cause cancer. Analog Devices, at 610 East Weddell Drive, was listed as a registered hazardous waste generator and identified as responsible for the release of 100 gallons of liquid hydrogen during an incident in 2006. The failure to disclosure liquefaction and FEMA Flood Hazard Zone proximity is a disservice to the Sunnyvale residents and this report.

Since liquefaction can occur when loose, water saturated, fine-grained soils (such as sands and silt) are shaken during an earthquake, what is the impact of the hazardous ground contaminants and proper mitigation, if any? Soil can temporarily become liquid like and structures may settle unevenly. If present, these weak materials can fail during an earthquake and, unless proper precautions are taken during grading and construction, can cause damage to structures.

Concerned Citizens – comments received until Oct 23rd. Please email your comments to Sunnyvale Planner Trudi Ryan, Community Director Hanson Hom at, Ryan Kuchenig, Heidi Kirk

And if you would like a Natural Hazards Report of these natural hazards conditions, please email and we will forward to you.

E Weddell and Tasman Crossing – Way too much development

Courtesy  Gina Senzatimore

I am a Sunnyvale resident concerned and outraged over the high-density housing, tall buildings and overdevelopment throughout our city, and especially in north Sunnyvale. The proposed East Weddell Project, currently zoned commercial, is intense enough to require an Environmental Impact Report EIR and is in process.

This Project proposes 670 apartments, on contaminated soil at 610 East Weddell (formerly Analog Devices) with an application for a general plan and zoning change. It’s  already a traffic nightmare here. Continue reading

Sunnyvale officials seek public input for apartment projects on E. Weddell Drive

Courtesy Alia Wilson Sunnyvale Sun

The public review period for the draft environmental report for two expansive apartment projects on E. Weddell Drive is open now through Oct. 23.

The projects on 520-592 E. Weddell Drive and 610-630 E. Weddell Drive will bring 465 units and 205 units, respectively, to the area near the N. Fair Oaks Avenue and Highway 101 intersection.

CLICK HERE for the full article.

Sunnyvale City Council Oct 15 Candidate Forum now available on-line

The video from Oct 15, 2013 City of Sunnyvale City Council Candidate Forum is now available on-line at:

Sunnyvale does not have Districts per each Council Seat. Therefore, voters will have the opportunity to vote for each of the three seats City of Sunnyvale Council Election 2013. Continue reading

Oct. 15th Candidate Debate Forum_City of Sunnyvale Council at City Hall

Tuesday, Oct 15 – 7:00pm: City Council Candidate Forum – Sunnyvale ResidentsPlease attend the forum to be held at City of Sunnyvale Hall, 456 W. Olive Ave or watch online at sponsored by the Cupertino-Sunnyvale League of Women VotersContinue reading

Long-time Sunnyvale Resident voices hope for a city that pays heed to voices of entire community

An Open Letter to Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony Spitaleri

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Yesterday’s mail brought a letter from you promoting your selection of candidates in the upcoming election.  In it you relate how you and your family first settled in Sunnyvale some 47 years ago, at a time when you “couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise a family than in a city which cares about its citizens…”  You then describe how during your service to the city you have “emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership between Community, Business, and Government…”  You add: “Sunnyvale must continue… with a collaborative and solution-oriented mind set.”  (The italics are mine.)

Mr. Mayor, I remember those days of long ago… and even not so long ago.  As a 54-year resident, I agree that Sunnyvale was a very special place.  The sun shone on a city of hope and optimism: a center of new technology where anything might be possible; a friendly town where the streets were named for flowers and fruits and birds and there was an active, ongoing campaign to add even more park space and trees; and especially, I agree, a town which cared for its citizens and actually listened to them. Continue reading

Peery Park and Moffett Park Public Comments Needed_Draft SEIR Hearing Oct 14

The City of Sunnyvale Staff has included the October 14  Planning Commission Hearing as an additional method for the public to comment on the (Item 2) Draft SEIR for the Moffett Place Project, (1152 Bordeaux Drive). Also on the agenda is (Item 1.B) 433 North Mathilda – Peery ParkContinue reading