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Greedy Lying Bastards

Executive producer Daryl Hannah bedazzled the audience at Aquarius Theatre, Palo Alto, on Friday touting her new documentary called Greedy Lying Bastards. Hannah has been a public advocate for a green lifestyle for more than a decade, through her writing and speaking engagements. She also runs the website and is the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

Photo courtesy The Hollywood Reporter

Daryl Hannah Photo courtesy The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s become very clear that we are suppressing ways to make energy that is infinite rather than finite, and clean, rather than these dirty fossil fuels,” Hannah told the audience after the screening. Companies that traffic in such fuels, she said, are “the wealthiest industries since the advent of money … so obviously they have no intention to stop, especially since, even in this economy, they’re still making record profits.”  Continue reading