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Video_City of Sunnyvale Council Candidate September Forum

Thank you Michael Goldman, of Cal Pensions in Brief,  who published a page with 9 videos of the City Council Candidates from the Sept 30, 2013 COOL Candidate forum:

  1. Seat 1: ANDY FRAZER, Software Engineer and GUSTAV LARSSON, Software Engineer
  2. Seat 2: STEVE HOFFMAN, Chief Executive Officer and GLENN HENDRICKS, Senior Engineering Manager and GUSTAVO MAGAÑA, Law School Student
  3. JIM GRIFFITH, Engineer/Sunnyvale and Councilmember TAP MERRICK, Investment Adviser Representative

CLICK HERE for the video link.

Outcries from Sunnyvale residents regarding “stack and pack” developments and “urban canyons”

Deborah Marks compelling presentation during the Aug 13, 2013 City of Sunnyvale Council Meeting highlights  visuals of the recently Sunnyvale approved and built projects coined “stack and pack” high density residential and commercial buildings appearing like “urban canyons.”

Deborah also relays negative comments made by the Palo Alto Daily and the Mountain View Voice with outcries from residents regarding the “black wall” canopy of the towering LinkedIn Building and wants to know when will the urban forest management plan come before the council.

Councilmember Pat Meyering asks City Manager Gary Leubbers how he determined that there would be no visual impacts from the LinkedIn Building to the neighboring homes.

It’s time for a change.

Gustav Larsson was a “NO SHOW,” not a broker for PAMF compromise

The San Jose Mercury Editorial dated Sept 27, 2013 is falsely stating that “Gustav Larsson calmed residents and brokered a compromise with the city over the PAMF expansion.”

Brokered a compromise? The truth is that Gustav Larssondropped out” of the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF residential advocacy mid-process, in fact, he was a “NO SHOW” at the Sunnyvale Planning Commission Hearing just a few weeks prior to the Council vote – when each voice and issue mattered!

If Gustav had brokered a deal, wouldn’t it make sense that the Sunnyvale Sun would have interviewed him instead of Jeff Jones? CLICK HERE for the dropbox link to the Sunnyvale Sun interview with Jeff Jones for an article, dated April 29, 2009, regarding the PAMF Sunnyvale Heritage Neighborhood project revision.  Continue reading

Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Griffith accused of identify theft

After learning that Sunnyvale Councilmember and Vice Mayor Jim Griffith may be formally charged with committing a crime of identify theft, outraged Sunnyvale residents are calling Griffith a disgraceful politician and have recommended voting him out of office.

Candidate Tap Merrick approached the Sunnyvale City Council on Aug 13, protesting the unethical identity theft of his name and campaign administered and paid for by Councilmember and Vice Mayor Jim Griffith.

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When the majority on Sunnyvale’s City Council voted to make an added $1,517,500.00 payment to the city’s garbage company, Councilmember Chris Moylan was an enthusiastic supporter. It turns out, Moylan took money from the garbage company.

Before Moylan cast his vote supporting the additional payment of city money to his garbage company donor, he had also voted to approve an unusual development agreement, with the city’s downtown developer.

Turns out Moylan also took money from the developer. The unusual development agreement allowed Moylan’s donor/ the developer/ to avoid the standard requirement of purchasing and posting an overall performance bond. Such a bond is a guarantee from a third-party (usually a bank or an insurance company) that money needed to complete a specified project will be paid if the contractor fails to fully perform.  Continue reading

Sunnyvale Residents at risk by Cupertino Village High-Density Project

Courtesy:  Holly Lofgren  – Sunnyvale Resident/Community Activist/Nonprofit Professional


Sunnyvale’s residents are deeply concerned about high-density overdevelopment  on the city’s border with Cupertino.

Cupertino’s  Planning Commission intends to give a building permit to Kimco Realty for further  developing a shopping mall directly beside Sunnyvale residential neighborhoods.  Continue reading

½ Sunnyvale Garbage Rate Increase goes to Political Donor

Sunnyvale city council is plagued with self-serving, high-spending members, who have a history of asking companies, doing business with the city, to contribute money to the councilmembers.  

The council voted 6-1 to increase residents’ garbage rates.  About 50% of the increase, it turns out, is to fund payment of an added $1,517,500.00 to the garbage companySome Sunnyvale councilmembers received financial contributions from the company owner.   Subsequently councilmembers approved payment of the additional $1,517,500.00.   The payment comes while a valid and binding contract between the city and the garbage company (providing for a lower payment) is in effect.  The city and its residents got nothing in return for transferring the extra money to the councilmembers’ donor.  Continue reading