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Developer Jay Paul Abandons Project in Palo Alto

By Jason Green 12/20/2013 Mercury News Group

Citing the “political climate” in Palo Alto, Jay Paul Co. has withdrawn its application to build a new office complex and public safety building along one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares.

The San Francisco-based developer notified the city of its decision in a letter Monday. It didn’t go into details, but a preliminary traffic analysis and community backlash against large projects may have played a role.

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Time to Kill High-Speed Rail Project, Panel Says

By Mike Rosenberg, San Jose Mercury News, Calif.

Jan. 04–Warning of an “immense financial risk” to the state, a renowned group of transportation and financial experts advised lawmakers Tuesday to pull the emergency brake on funding California’s $99 billion high-speed trainContinue reading

High-Speed Rail: Judge Again Orders Peninsula Route Scrapped

San Jose Mercury News, 2011-11-11
By Mike Rosenberg

Once again, a judge on Thursday ordered the state to scrap its plans to zip high-speed trains from Gilroy to San Jose and up the Peninsula, saying officials failed to show how the massive route would harm local traffic and homes.

An artist's rendering of the proposed high-speed rail line station_Courtesy LA Times

An artist's rendering of the proposed high-speed rail line station_Courtesy LA Times

Even so, the California High-Speed Rail Authority signaled it would reapprove the route along the Caltrain corridor after completing more studies to appease the judge. That could trigger yet another lawsuit, extending a three-year long legal battle against the polarizing $99 billion bullet train project.

The cities of Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton don’t want the elevated tracks to divide their communities, create an eyesore and lower property values. So they sued in October 2010 to ax the Bay Area route for the San Francisco-to-Los Angeles line. They prefer a railroad that would run through the East Bay and across the Dumbarton Bridge to San Francisco.  Continue reading