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Sunnyvale will be sprayed with a toxic chemical June 24th

Courtesy Deborah Marks

During the night of June 24th (next Tuesday) a large area of Sunnyvale (somewhat west of 85, to Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd., from Homestead Rd to El Camino) will be sprayed with a toxic chemical. For some areas this will be the second time within 3 weeks.

The pesticide is Zenivex and contains 4% Etofenprox as the active ingredient. Etofenprox is harmful to humans and to the environment esp. to bees and cats. Bees will not be directly exposed at night but the pesticide settles to the ground and on plants.  Insects larger than flies will not be eliminated.   There are though many small insects which are important in the food chain which will become ill or die.  Birds may ingest these insects. Continue reading


CEQA has been a huge benefit, not a detriment, in California

By Steve Blank, Courtesy San Jose Mercury News Sept 10, 2013

The battle is still brewing in Sacramento over the future of the California Environmental Quality Act, known as CEQA. Political pundits correctly predicted it would be the most bruising fight of the session. Many large companies in Silicon Valley have found themselves on the same side as oil refineries and big-box stores which want to gut CEQA.

Every major environmental organization in the state, including the California League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club, is on the other side. Recently, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, offered a solution in the form of SB 731 that would force both sides to make concessions. It was dismissed out of hand by those who would like to see CEQA destroyed.

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