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Vote Nov 8th Pat Meyering, David Whittum and Steve Hoffman_Sunnyvale City Council_Public Servants with Integrity

Vote for Sunnyvale Public Servants with Integrity Pat Meyering (Seat 5), David Whittum (Seat 4) and Steve Hoffman (Seat 6) City Council on Nov 8th!

Pat Meyering, David Whittum and Steve Hoffman are Sunnyvale Citizens working  for your best interests. In fact, contrary to their opponents, their campaigns are self-funded in order to exercise an objective thinking decision-making process to benefit you, not special interest groups.

Special Interest Watch is a valuable resource to discover who has, and is, funding the past, current and future City of Sunnyvale Council Members. When you review Special Interest Watch, ask yourself “Did the Council just vote on my behalf or the party to whom contributed to their election?”   Continue reading

Vote PAT MEYERING, DAVID WHITTUM and STEVE HOFFMAN for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011

Vote PAT MEYERING, DAVID WHITTUM and STEVE HOFFMAN for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011

Courtesy: Tom Gregory, 26 Oct 2011

Hi Sunnyvale Friends,

I watched the video podcast of the Sunnyvale City Council Candidates Forum. Who else do you know who has watched the whole 2 hours?  Continue reading

Vote PAT MEYERING Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011 Seat 5

Vote PAT MEYERING for Sunnyvale City Council Nov 8, 2011_Seat 5

We all care about Sunnyvale and want to make it better. PAT MEYERING is running for the City Council to promote your interests — the interests of Sunnyvale’s residents.

As an attorney with 30 years work experience, 4 years on Sunnyvale’s Housing Commission, and as an Environmental Law Instructor at De Anza College, he has the knowledge and attention to detail needed to focus the Council on serving the residents’ needs.  Continue reading