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Dangers of 3rd fogging in Sunnyvale Aug 19

No Toxins for Children Courtesy Arlene Goetze

Sunnyvale will be fogged for the 3rd time next Tues. Aug 19 starting at 11 pm.  Area is Mathilda to #85, Central to Remington.

The notice came on the doorknob Friday afternoon that states ‘there is no significant risk to our families.  No precautions for pregnant women.  Just wash your garden fruits and garden veggies.  Pesticide won’t affect car paints or other painted surfaces.  Close your windows and turn off air conditioning.”

Five people spoke against the fogging at the Aug 12 city council meeting. I spoke how my right eye has been watering and weeping since the first fogging June 2 and I have an unexplained cough. Continue reading