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Nurses Strike Sutter May 1, 2012

Posted:  May 2, 2012    By: Protest In The USA  Credit: calnurses

Registered nurses took part in a one-day strike at California Bay area eight hospitals that are part of the wealthy Sutter corporate chain to protest Wall Street-type demands for more than 100 sweeping reductions in patient care and nurses’ standards and workplace conditions.  Continue reading


PAMF Sunnyvale Warns of Asbestos

PAMF Public Affairs Manager Cynthia Greaves warned the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation Heritage District Neighbors, December 7, 2010, of clean-up work demolishing tiles and insulation containing asbestos to begin and continue throughout the month of December.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

What ever happened to holiday twinkling Christmas lights, reindeer and an occasional sighting of Santa during the month of December? No, instead, PAMF neighbors and Sprouts shoppers will be greeted with dumpsters containing dust, old tiles and removed insulation containing asbestos in the remedial work of the two story, 72,065 sq. ft. Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation site.  Continue reading

Limited 300 Feet Notification Area Surrounding Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Site

Imagine your residential home located just 5 houses away from the proposed Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation to soar 52 Feet Tall, with a combined medical building and underground garage to total  300,000 square feet, including over 800 parking spaces and never being notified of the plans.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

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Attorney Zan Henson states “An Appeal is Mandatory” as Judge Elfving Denies PAMF EIR Decertification

Ironically, in an issue disputing “adequacy,” Judge William Elfving posted his ruling on October 6, but it took an additional week, afterward, to receive his written decision. As well, the Sept 24th hearing was almost 3 weeks ago, and as of yesterday afternoon, the file had not been delivered from Judge William Elfving’s Court Clerk to the Court Recorder’s office.     Continue reading

Still Waiting for the Ruling

A big thanks to the community members who have inquired about the outcome of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF EIR Lawsuit. We are still waiting to receive the judge’s ruling. I visited the court recorder’s office this past Friday and Judge Elfving’s Court Clerk still had not brought the file down to the recorder’s office.

As well, our Attorney Zan Henson had still not receive docs in the mail. Will post as soon as we receive word.

PAMF’s Introductions to Commissioners Assisted by City, While Neighbors Are Told “You’re On Your Own”

Those experienced with Planning Commissioners and Councilmembers will firmly state Don’t expect to show up on the night of the hearing and ask for what you want. You need to talk with the decision-makers well in advance during the planning stages. By Council night, it’s a done deal.”
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How Accurate Were the Palo Alto Medical Foundation EIR Shadows?

How accurate was the sun angle for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF EIR? Was the precision of the sun angle verified by Hawley Peterson Synder Architects to result in an accurate shadow analysis?

Sunnyvale Principal Planner Gerri Caruso advised Henry Mahlstedt of Sunnyvale’s Municipal Code Section 19.56.020 restricts a maximum amount of shading to 10% and wrote I will need to confirm the Altitude angle and azimuth you used for your analysis to accept the solar analysis as correct.”
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“PAMF Promise to Install Opaque Glass” Memory Impairment from Hom and Ryan

Jaws dropped and loud gasps burst from shocked community members in City Hall when they heard Hanson Hom’s emphatic “Not that I recall” response to Councilmember John Howe’s question “Did the Palo Alto Medical Foundation say that they would do opaque glass on the second story?” during the June 23, 2009 Council Hearing.

Howe asked if a another staff member was present to confirm this statement. Hom pointed to Planner Trudi Ryan, and stated “Yes, she does concur” and Ryan shook her head “Yes.”

We couldn’t believe what we had just heard!
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Will Neighbors Lose “Privacy and The Right to Quiet Enjoyment” Near PAMF?

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF Sunnyvale ReBuild Design, reaching a soaring height of both (two-story) 38′ and (three-story) 52′ tall, will encompass the entire 301 Old San Francisco block with a vast amount of window space providing views to the north side, the residential neighborhood.

North View PAMF Building Depicting Fully Grown, yet Unplanted Redwood Trees

North View PAMF Building Depicting Fully Grown, yet Unplanted Redwood Trees

Will the surrounding Heritage District Neighbors suffer from  “loss of privacy and the right to quiet enjoyment?” What type of unwanted intrusion will the PAMF’s neighbors be exposed to?

The Heritage District Neighbors wanted to know and I asked repeatedly.      Continue reading

Judge Hears Arguments for PAMF EIR Lawsuit, Decision in One Week

Superior Court Judge Elfving heard arguments from Petitioner Attorney, Alexander T. Henson, and Respondent PAMF Attorney Sacramento-Based John D. Fairbrook this morning at 9:00am.

Both Petitioners as well as Sunnyvale Heritage District Neighbors & Supporters were present during the hearing.

Notably absent from the hearing were the preparers of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Environmental Impact Report PAMF EIR in dispute~ Lead Agency (Planners Gerri Caruso, Trudi Ryan, Steve Lynch), Community Director Hanson Hom, City Manager Gary Luebers, Traffic Jack Whittus  & Heba El-Guendy, Fehr & Peers, David J. Powers & Associates, PAMF Public Relations Cythnia Greaves, nor any of the 6 Councilmembers who voted to approve the PAMF EIR on June 23, 2009.     Continue reading