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Sunnyvale Mayor Spitaleri disrupts Council Member Pat Meyering during Public Hearing

If you only have time to watch one video, click on this one titled “Crazy Sunnyvale Meeting” – the dysfunction begins at minute 1:10:

Mayor Spitaleri continuously shouts at Council Member Council Member Pat Meyering in a combative, rapid-fire manner, shutting Meyering down from further comments and questions, on behalf of Sunnyvale residents, during the May 22, 2012 Sunnyvale Council Meeting.

Spitaleri’s uncivil manner was apparently found to be out-of-compliance, because, after he demanded a 10-minute recess and conferred with City Manager Gary Luebbers, Spitaleri returned to state that Meyering was, indeed, entitled to a 3-minute speech.

CLICK HERE for the article titled Sunnyvale Mayor Spitaleri Opposes Free Speech and Disrupts Council Meeting.



Long-time Sunnyvale Resident voices hope for a city that pays heed to voices of entire community

An Open Letter to Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony Spitaleri

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Yesterday’s mail brought a letter from you promoting your selection of candidates in the upcoming election.  In it you relate how you and your family first settled in Sunnyvale some 47 years ago, at a time when you “couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise a family than in a city which cares about its citizens…”  You then describe how during your service to the city you have “emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership between Community, Business, and Government…”  You add: “Sunnyvale must continue… with a collaborative and solution-oriented mind set.”  (The italics are mine.)

Mr. Mayor, I remember those days of long ago… and even not so long ago.  As a 54-year resident, I agree that Sunnyvale was a very special place.  The sun shone on a city of hope and optimism: a center of new technology where anything might be possible; a friendly town where the streets were named for flowers and fruits and birds and there was an active, ongoing campaign to add even more park space and trees; and especially, I agree, a town which cared for its citizens and actually listened to them. Continue reading



When the majority on Sunnyvale’s City Council voted to make an added $1,517,500.00 payment to the city’s garbage company, Councilmember Chris Moylan was an enthusiastic supporter. It turns out, Moylan took money from the garbage company.

Before Moylan cast his vote supporting the additional payment of city money to his garbage company donor, he had also voted to approve an unusual development agreement, with the city’s downtown developer.

Turns out Moylan also took money from the developer. The unusual development agreement allowed Moylan’s donor/ the developer/ to avoid the standard requirement of purchasing and posting an overall performance bond. Such a bond is a guarantee from a third-party (usually a bank or an insurance company) that money needed to complete a specified project will be paid if the contractor fails to fully perform.  Continue reading

Sunnyvale Residents at risk by Cupertino Village High-Density Project

Courtesy:  Holly Lofgren  – Sunnyvale Resident/Community Activist/Nonprofit Professional


Sunnyvale’s residents are deeply concerned about high-density overdevelopment  on the city’s border with Cupertino.

Cupertino’s  Planning Commission intends to give a building permit to Kimco Realty for further  developing a shopping mall directly beside Sunnyvale residential neighborhoods.  Continue reading

Spitaleri solicited money from Sunnyvale’s downtown developer

Tony Spitaleri, mayor of Sunnyvale, California, solicited and received money from the real estate developer that negotiated an agreement to build a 30+ acre project in the city’s downtown.

Anthony Spitaleri Campaign-1

Anthony Spitaleri and Downtown Sunnyvale Developer

Spitaleri voted to approve an unusual development agreement, in which the developer/Spitaleri’s donor was excused from the standard requirement of purchasing and posting an overall performance bond. [Such a bond is a guarantee from a third-party (usually a bank or an insurance company) that money needed to complete a specified project will be paid if the contractor fails to fully perform.]   Continue reading

½ Sunnyvale Garbage Rate Increase goes to Political Donor

Sunnyvale city council is plagued with self-serving, high-spending members, who have a history of asking companies, doing business with the city, to contribute money to the councilmembers.  

The council voted 6-1 to increase residents’ garbage rates.  About 50% of the increase, it turns out, is to fund payment of an added $1,517,500.00 to the garbage companySome Sunnyvale councilmembers received financial contributions from the company owner.   Subsequently councilmembers approved payment of the additional $1,517,500.00.   The payment comes while a valid and binding contract between the city and the garbage company (providing for a lower payment) is in effect.  The city and its residents got nothing in return for transferring the extra money to the councilmembers’ donor.  Continue reading

Sunnyvale Mayor Spitaleri Opposes Free Speech and Disrupts Council Meeting

Tony Spitaleri threw a hostile tantrum during the May 22 Council Meeting,
trying to silence a critic of his administration of the city government.

Just minutes after pledging allegiance to the flag, during the Sunnyvale Council Meeting, on May 22, 2012, and prior to voting on item 1.C. MOTION RTC, 12-121, Mayor Tony Spitaleri erupted in a shockingly hostile manner, repeatedly shouting and disrupting Council Member Patrick Meyering, as Meyering commented about the issue ~ The List of Claims and Bills Approved for Payment by the City Manager.   Continue reading