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City of Sunnyvale Covertly Proposes Selling 14 Acres of City Land and Open Space

Sunnyvale City Hall is pursuing a concept to sell off substantial portions of the city-owned land and open space in the nine square blocks between Mathilda and Pastoria and from El Camino to just south of Iowa Ave.

This plan was first revealed to some residents at the July 31 2012 special council meeting, held at the Sunnyvale Public Library and not televised or video or audio recorded. The meeting was supposed to deal with the Library and Civic Center Facility Options. No notice was given that the city government was going to propose the sale.  Continue reading


Greedy Lying Bastards

Executive producer Daryl Hannah bedazzled the audience at Aquarius Theatre, Palo Alto, on Friday touting her new documentary called Greedy Lying Bastards. Hannah has been a public advocate for a green lifestyle for more than a decade, through her writing and speaking engagements. She also runs the website and is the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

Photo courtesy The Hollywood Reporter

Daryl Hannah Photo courtesy The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s become very clear that we are suppressing ways to make energy that is infinite rather than finite, and clean, rather than these dirty fossil fuels,” Hannah told the audience after the screening. Companies that traffic in such fuels, she said, are “the wealthiest industries since the advent of money … so obviously they have no intention to stop, especially since, even in this economy, they’re still making record profits.”  Continue reading

City of Sunnyvale Credit Rating Under Scrutiny

Sunnyvale Councilmember Pat Meyering probes the city for debts and billing receipts. A group of Sunnyvale citizens are advocating discussion with Sunnyvale City Staff about sensible and sustainable reform of the city pension system. City Manager Gary Luebbers states “we’re in good condition,” yet ratings agency Moody’s lists the City of Sunnyvale for a possible credit downgrade. If you haven’t read “Boomerang,” by Michael Lewis, please consider doing so.

10/11/2012_San Jose Mercury News, By John Woolfolk and Mark Emmons


Los Gatos, which boasts a Rolls-Royce dealership, is among 30 California cities on the list for a possible credit downgrade from ratings agency Moody’s. So are Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, home to high-tech titans, and the East Bay’s tony Danville.   Continue reading