Save Raynor – Heading into court on April 25th, 9am

Courtesy Tappan Merrick

Thank you for signing our Save Raynor Petition. CLICK HERE for the petition.

It’s really happening: We are heading into California Superior court in San Jose on April 25th, 9am to stop our public land at Raynor Park from being sold to a private entity.

Our legal team is doing final preparations — preparing to go before California state judge, Hon. Joseph Huber to argue that the City of Sunnyvale is subject to California law of Park Preservation Act of 1971. See more details here:

We still find it baffling and outrageous that we’re arguing this demurrer. As you are aware that we had filed a lawsuit against the City of Sunnyvale, under the California laws of Park Preservation Act and Environmental Protection Act to stop selling our precious park land in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Rather than choose to defend the case under the Park Preservation Act, the City of Sunnyvale has asked the judge to dismiss the case on the grounds that since they are a charter city, the Park Preservation Act does NOTapply to them. Yes, you read that right, the City of Sunnyvale is arguing that California state law specifically created to prevent cities, counties and other public entities from selling park land does NOT apply to them and they should be allowed to sell any park that they choose.

We are feeling fired up right now. In the legislative notes on the 1971 law, the California legislative body has indicated that this law is being passed to prevent such sales. In fact, the comments on the 1975 amendment state that “Several cities, including Los Angeles (a charter city) have interpreted the existing law as not applying to them …”

We would love to be able to tell the reporters gathering on the courthouse steps that 1,000+ supporters have liked our Facebook page to support our ongoing work to preserve public lands for our kids and future generation. 

Let’s send a clear signal that, whatever the outcome, we’re not backing down.

As we head into this showdown, will you volunteer to join this effort?

We are determined, regardless of the outcome. We are in this together, and—now or later—we will win.

Please forward this email to your neighborhood association, your friends and neighbors. You can share it on your Facebook page and other social media.  <- Join our Mailing list

Thanks for all the help you can provide. We appreciate it 🙂

–Tim, Ash, Tap, Demetrios, Wendy, Luke and Ray

Save Sunnyvale Parks & Schools, Inc.



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