Andy Frazer is the best candidate for Sunnyvale City Council Seat #1

Candidate Andy Frazer is running for Sunnyvale City Council, Seat #1. Andy Frazer is a knowledgeable, sensible, grounded, thoughtful, insightful and intelligent engineer and active community leader, who also has a brilliant esthetic eye as a photographer.

Quite frankly, to me, Andy’s ingenuity and mindset reminds me of Twitter and Square Silicon Valley Founder and billionaire Jack Dorsey who is a distributing leader of ideas, shared purpose, strong vision and value leadership. 

Sunnyvale needs a purposeful visionary leader with a mind like Andy’s. Andy believes City Hall should serve the public, not the other way around.

Over the past two years Andy has attended almost every City Council. Prior to each meeting he studies the Staff Reports and comes prepared to understand everything that is discussed on that night’s agenda. Unlike his opponent Gustav Larsson, Andy contributes formidable content often and welcomes public engagement.

Here are issues that Andy finds important and represents:

  1. Public SafetyAndy Frazer recognizes the alarming rise in recent Sunnyvale residential burglaries and advises adequate budgeting to hire additional public safety officers to protect you.
  2. High-Density DevelopmentAndy advocates for smart and cautious development particularly within the city’s designated industrial-to-residential (ITR) areas, as well as the industrial zones of Moffett Park and the new Peery Park. Andy believes that the Sunnyvale residents must have a fair chance to evaluate new development projects and share their opinions with their elected representatives. He supports increasing the residential “notification zone” from the current 300′ to 2000′ throughout the city.
  3. Parks and Open SpaceAndy believes we need more park space, not less and that the city should not continue selling off city land.
  4. Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental stewardship is one of Andy’s passions. He served on the city’s Sustainability Commission and advocates for many green issues, please visit his website for details.
  5. Fiscal Conservancy – According the city’s Finance Department, in the past twelve years Sunnyvale’s employee compensation costs have ballooned from only 62% of General Fund revenue to 77% of General Fund revenue and advises hiring an independent auditor to calculate and publish the long-term budget impact of the proposed labor contracts before the public weighs in on them, and before the Council votes on them.
  6. Pension Reform – As a co-founder of Sunnyvale Pension Reform, Andy Frazer promises to address the skyrocketing budget in order to adequately fund the pension plans for our dedicated city employees, while at the same time providing needed city services such as public safety, street and sidewalk repair, infrastructure improvements, senior services and recreational services that have been squeezed short.

Andy Frazer has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and is a software engineer at Synopsys, Inc.

The City Council of the City of Sunnyvale is comprised of seven members elected at-large, each serving a four-year term. Each member is designated a seat number. Sunnyvale does not have Districts, voters will vote for each seat.

There are three seats to be voted upon in this election November 5, 2013: seats #1, #2 and #3.

VOTE for Andy Frazer Seat #1!


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