Steve Hoffman is the best candidate for Sunnyvale City Council Seat #2

Candidate Steve Hoffman is running for Sunnyvale City Council Seat #2 for the benefit of the residents of Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale does not have Districts; therefore, voters will vote for each seat on the ballot (Seat 1, 2 and 3).

Steve Hoffman is a bright, patient, articulate, knowledgeable, solution-oriented and most importantly – an accessible man who demonstrates ethical behavior with integrity.  In fact, he has been attending the Sunnyvale City Council meetings for years providing public comments and offering brilliant suggestions to benefit the citizens of Sunnyvale.

CLICK HERE to read a wonderful letter from long-time Sunnyvale resident Jean Lee’s “Letter to the Mayor” to understand why Steve Hoffman is recommended as the best candidate to serve and guide Sunnyvale into the future. 

You can count on Steve Hoffman not to approve more Sunnyvale urban canyons” or “black walls such as the LinkedIn Building at Maude and Matilda and the Solstice and Carmel-Lofts (formerly Town and Country Downtown Sunnyvale) that Sunnyvale Planner and opponent Glenn Hendricks enthusiastically approved. Steve stands for reasonable growth.

Referendum in Sunnyvale states that despite the fact that the Downtown Specific Plan provided for no residential building in this area and this project provides for high density residential, Planning Commissioners Glenn Hendricks and Gustav Larson agreed that no traffic impact analysis was needed.

CLICK HERE for a current letter from Steve Hoffman concerning other issues including Sunnyvale burglaries (50% higher than the entire Bay Area), Public Safety Officers, Developers getting permits that deviate from City codes exceeding the City’s General Plan for growth without regards to neighbor’s concerns, Priceless City lands being sold, and more.

Steve Hoffman is not accepting Developers Contributions in order to remain objective and not beholden to special interest groups when making decisions. This benefits Sunnyvale residents – he’s on your sideSteve openly discloses this for current issues and those that will arise in the future.

The City Council of the City of Sunnyvale is comprised of seven members elected at-large, each serving a four-year term. Each member is designated a seat number. There are three seats to be voted upon in this election November 5, 2013: seats 1, 2 and 3.

VOTE for Steve Hoffman Seat #2!


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