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Spitaleri solicited money from Sunnyvale’s downtown developer

Tony Spitaleri, mayor of Sunnyvale, California, solicited and received money from the real estate developer that negotiated an agreement to build a 30+ acre project in the city’s downtown.

Anthony Spitaleri Campaign-1

Anthony Spitaleri and Downtown Sunnyvale Developer

Spitaleri voted to approve an unusual development agreement, in which the developer/Spitaleri’s donor was excused from the standard requirement of purchasing and posting an overall performance bond. [Such a bond is a guarantee from a third-party (usually a bank or an insurance company) that money needed to complete a specified project will be paid if the contractor fails to fully perform.]   Continue reading


½ Sunnyvale Garbage Rate Increase goes to Political Donor

Sunnyvale city council is plagued with self-serving, high-spending members, who have a history of asking companies, doing business with the city, to contribute money to the councilmembers.  

The council voted 6-1 to increase residents’ garbage rates.  About 50% of the increase, it turns out, is to fund payment of an added $1,517,500.00 to the garbage companySome Sunnyvale councilmembers received financial contributions from the company owner.   Subsequently councilmembers approved payment of the additional $1,517,500.00.   The payment comes while a valid and binding contract between the city and the garbage company (providing for a lower payment) is in effect.  The city and its residents got nothing in return for transferring the extra money to the councilmembers’ donor.  Continue reading