Tap Merrick is the best candidate for Sunnyvale City Council Seat #3

Tap Merrick is running for Sunnyvale City Council Seat #3 for the benefit of the homeowners in Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale does not have Districts, therefore, voters can vote for each seat on the ballot (Seat 1, 2 and 3).

One of the strongest qualifications that Tap Merrick has, above his opponent Jim Griffith,  is a highly skilled financial background.  Tap holds a MSBA in finance and a BA in business administration, cum laude. He also has an extensive educational experience in public finance.

Tap understands City finance as he has ten years’ experience with the Federal Reserve System rising from a cost accounting analyst in D.C., to procedural auditor, to cost accounting expert, to divisional controller for the S.F. Fed’s 5 data centers located in S.F., L.A., Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Tap understands the needs to balance both the current and existing costs and debt of the City of Sunnyvale, while managing reasonable and sensible growth.

Tap is also concerned about and discusses current and future projects with photos and comments on his campaign website. He comments about the High Density Housing exceeding the City of Sunnyvale’ General Plan, the unfinished Downtown, precious park and open space developments being sold off despite the park dedication fee program, pensions and more.

CLICK HERE for Tap’s web page regarding these City Issues.

The website Referendum in Sunnyvale is an informative resource that documents the voting record that Tap’s opponent, Vice-Mayor Jim Griffith, has been making.

CLICK HERE to see why Eleanor Hanson casts doubt about opponent Jim Griffith’s performance to date.

The City Council of the City of Sunnyvale is comprised of seven members elected at-large, each serving a four-year term. Each member is designated a seat number. There are three seats to be voted upon in this election November 5, 2013: seats 1, 2 and 3.



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