Sunnyvale Council Members air out differences, but little agreement on meeting protocol

By Alia Wilson

“First of all, the mayor is chosen by him voting for himself and three other people; there’s no magic sanctity or wisdom imparted through that mechanism,” Pat Meyering said. “The statement that no one is given authority except by the majority is completely false and inconsistent with a couple hundred years of American democracy,” Meyering added.

Pat Meyering cited one occasion where a council member made a motion to cut off debate, thus cutting off Meyering, and the motion was immediately seconded and unanimously approved. “These vague phrases of having a smooth meeting don’t give anybody the right, even if it’s a 6-1 vote, to cut off the minority,” Meyering said. “This is a bizarre discussion where we’re talking about the majority can do this, the majority can do that. The majority is limited.”

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One response to “Sunnyvale Council Members air out differences, but little agreement on meeting protocol

  1. One only has to refer to to view the campaign contributions to the council members to truly decide which side of the fence the members stand. Only two (2) have never taken special interest money: they are Mr. Meyering and Mr. Whittum. However, Mr. Whittums lack of vocal support of Mr. Meyering troubles me. It was Mr. Whittum who was at one time the council “Whipping boy,” and he, Mr. Whittum, has stood by in silence as the council has whipped Mr. Meyering. I would think that Mr. Whittum would have, at least, spoken up to this abuse.

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