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Exponential Rise of Pension Plan for Sunnyvale City Workers Prompt Residents to Take Action

“For the past four years, the city has been running in a budget deficit, and a significant reason for that is the growing cost of the city’s pension obligations,” according to Sunnyvale Pension Reform steering committee member Andy Frazer. “I don’t believe pension reform is a political problem; it’s simply a math problem, and I hope we can work together to resolve it.”

The Sunnyvale Pension Reform group has formed to represent the Sunnyvale taxpayers in dialogue between the City Council, city staff and city bargaining units to reign in unfair and unsustainable costs of the city’s pension plan.   Continue reading


Sunnyvale Taxpayers Liability to City Worker Retirement Pension Plans Exceeding the City Budget?

Are the current, rapidly rising Sunnyvale Pension Employee Plan sustainable? And, if so, at what cost and sacrifice to Sunnyvale Taxpayers?

Please review the comments comparing 2010 vs. 2011 from Andy Frazer presented to the Sunnyvale City Council Meeting on 11/15/11:

My name is Andy Frazer. Madame Mayor and City Council Members… A year ago I spoke here a few times about the biggest problem in Sunnyvale. The city’s employee pension program was too expensive, and absolutely unsustainable. Now, one year later, things have gotten much, much worse.   Continue reading

New Sunnyvale City Council, Mayor, Vice Mayor 2012

By Alia Wilson, Sunnyvale Sun 01/11/2012

For the second time in his two terms on the Sunnyvale City Council, Anthony “Tony” Spitaleri will serve as mayor of Sunnyvale after the majority his fellow council members appointed him to the position at the Jan. 10 council meeting.

The Sunnyvale City Council Chamber was standing-room only at the Tuesday night meeting for the appointment of Sunnyvale’s new mayor and vice mayor. David Whittum will be taking the vice mayoral duties.   Continue reading

Time to Kill High-Speed Rail Project, Panel Says

By Mike Rosenberg, San Jose Mercury News, Calif.

Jan. 04–Warning of an “immense financial risk” to the state, a renowned group of transportation and financial experts advised lawmakers Tuesday to pull the emergency brake on funding California’s $99 billion high-speed trainContinue reading