Developer Jay Paul Abandons Project in Palo Alto

By Jason Green 12/20/2013 Mercury News Group

Citing the “political climate” in Palo Alto, Jay Paul Co. has withdrawn its application to build a new office complex and public safety building along one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares.

The San Francisco-based developer notified the city of its decision in a letter Monday. It didn’t go into details, but a preliminary traffic analysis and community backlash against large projects may have played a role.

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2 responses to “Developer Jay Paul Abandons Project in Palo Alto

  1. Palo Alto succeeds in curbing Jay Paul’s development at 1/4 the size of his future 1.8 million square approved Sunnyvale development. The quiet residents will pay the price.

    • I agree, it’s hopeful to observe decency and residential consideration displayed by the Palo Alto Council. This decision is important for Sunnyvale residents to observe. As well, the City of Sunnyvale Planning and Council should learn from a “sister-city” in Silicon Valley – reasonable guidelines following a General Plan with the City of Palo Alto considerations.

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