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How Accurate Were the Palo Alto Medical Foundation EIR Shadows?

How accurate was the sun angle for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF EIR? Was the precision of the sun angle verified by Hawley Peterson Synder Architects to result in an accurate shadow analysis?

Sunnyvale Principal Planner Gerri Caruso advised Henry Mahlstedt of Sunnyvale’s Municipal Code Section 19.56.020 restricts a maximum amount of shading to 10% and wrote I will need to confirm the Altitude angle and azimuth you used for your analysis to accept the solar analysis as correct.”
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Why Are Sun and Shadows of Value?

As our world is encountering a crisis of the need to replace non-renewable resources, the value of solar technology is becoming more evident and in being utilized with solutions and alternatives to gas and electricity.
Rooftops are not the only part of the house that need sunlight, especially during the winter. The walls themselves need sun as they are retainers and play a vital role in maintaining warmth during winter months. If they do not receive sun, the overall need for more energy to heat the home and run the heater continuously is excess usage of energy.

PAMF FEIR Says “No Thanks” to Additional Shadow Views from Building

Shadows are important to be aware of. So much, in fact, the City of Sunnyvale has a solar ordinance stating that no building permit shall be issued for any construction that interferes with solar access to the rooftop or blocks sunlight greater than 10% during ANY solar cycle. (19.56.020 Solar Envelope)

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

DEIR PAMF Shadows Limited Views

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Finding out just how deep the shadows will fall at other hours became quite a challenge and still remains UNKNOWN.

NOTE: The rooftops that fall in the shadow range have been highlighted to white by the consultant for the Lead Agency in preparation for the PAMF DEIR.

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