No facts support Mercury’s assertions concerning Councilman Pat Meyering

Courtesy Robert Santos, Sunnyvale

There are many incorrect statements in the Mercury News concerning the votes by Sunnyvale Councilman Pat Meyering.  [The Mercury does NOT have its own reporter covering Sunnyvale.]  Meyering has spoken out against the Washington D.C.-type of decision-making that’s appeared in Sunnyvale city government. 

On the federal level, decisions favorable to donors are made by legislators after receiving money from those donors.   Similarly, Sunnyvale’s city councilmembers took money from the city’s garbage company, and then gave an additional $1,517,508.00 payment to that company while a valid contract was in effect. 

Meyering’s opposition to this method of conducting city business doesn’t sit well with a handful of people in Sunnyvale.   Those few people benefit from councilmembers taking money from individuals and companies, that do business with the city government.    Many are involved with real estate development.

After taking money from developers, councilmembers turn around and vote to approve those same developers’ demands that Sunnyvale building limits be waived.   The Sunnyvale council majority has waived dozens and dozens of violations of the city’s General Plan and Municipal Code contained in the real estate developers’ [their donors’] building projects for high density, multistory office and condo towers.

The Mercury comments were written by Barabara J. Marshman.    Marshman has never interviewed Meyering. According to an official at the Mercury, Barbara Marshman is a disgruntled employee, who’s bitter about her lack of professional accomplishments. Marshman envies people like Councilman Meyering, who are successful at building a community-based effort to reform local government.

It’s disappointing to see a so-called newspaper from 2 cities over and a self-proclaimed neighborhood busybody try to undermine efforts by residents to establish clean government in Sunnyvale.

Robert SantosSunnyvale


2 responses to “No facts support Mercury’s assertions concerning Councilman Pat Meyering

  1. Excellent piece!  BRAVO!  Thank you for this.  Now, is there a way to get this information out to the residents.  Can I post it on a neighborhood Yahoo group?   Michael Rose Sunnyvale resident/voter


    • Yes, most certainly. The purpose of eyesunnyvale is to provide public disclosure of issues that typically “fly under the radar.”
      Please forward this, or any other piece, that you deem fit to distribute. Thank you.

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