“PAMF Promise to Install Opaque Glass” Memory Impairment from Hom and Ryan

Jaws dropped and loud gasps burst from shocked community members in City Hall when they heard Hanson Hom’s emphatic “Not that I recall” response to Councilmember John Howe’s question “Did the Palo Alto Medical Foundation say that they would do opaque glass on the second story?” during the June 23, 2009 Council Hearing.

Howe asked if a another staff member was present to confirm this statement. Hom pointed to Planner Trudi Ryan, and stated “Yes, she does concur” and Ryan shook her head “Yes.”

We couldn’t believe what we had just heard!
The aghast audience had been present and witnessed PAMF Project Manager, David Jury, proclaim and promise “Opaque Glass!” as a solution when resident Mary Adamson stated that she did not want strangers looking into her back yard during the April 17, 2009 “Palo Alto Medical Foundation New Design” meeting.

The dismissal of the promise for privacy was shocking.

As well, I met with David Jury and Architect Richard Synder after the April 17th meeting to confirm that they would be addressing the entire north side facing the residents with opaque glass.

Synder, from Hawley Peterson Synder Architects, was not keen on the design idea and began to object, but David Jury “snapped” at him and ordered “opaque glass!” in a firm manner. Synder responded “ok, ok.” We then discussed glass that resembles raindrops to diffuse the view.

Never was the third floor exclusively discussed or referenced, rather, it was understood to be the entire north/residential side of the building.

Hom and Ryan’s inner office emails dated June 18, 2009 conflict with statement made to Howe and morph from Trudi Ryan writing “I think that David Jury may have said that they’d look into it . . ” and Hanson Hom  “I doubt” to an emphatic “Not that I recall” during the hearing, with Trudi concurring.



David Jury Promise for Opaque Glass Hom and Ryan

David Jury Promise for Opaque Glass Hom and Ryan

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