Sunnyvale PAMF Plans Demolition and Excavation Despite CEQA Litigation

Despite the Sunnyvale Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMFEnvironmental Impact Report (EIR) CEQA Legal Dispute, Building Permit Plans have been submitted to the City of Sunnyvale to begin demolition and excavation in February.

Click here for the PAMF building webcam activity.

According to Sunnyvale Planner Steve Lynch, PAMF has submitted plans for the foundation and grading permits (first submittals) and staff is currently reviewing the package. Cynthia Greaves, Public Affairs Manager for PAMF, relayed “demolition of the old medical building will take about two weeks, after which the construction company will prepare the site for the excavation of the parking structure. A temporary fence will be placed around the work site perimeter as a safety barrier.”

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) excavating is recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations.   

The excavation or  Shoring Systems will be two levels below grade (25 feet) at the 301 Old San Francisco Sunnyvale PAMF site.

According to the PAMF DEIR Noise Impact Analysis, page 89, the Demolition and Site Preparation Noise Levels will reach 75 at Jarvis Court and 70 at Bayview which exceeds acceptable standards, according to the City of Sunnyvale Noise Ordinance.

Quiet? Not! Intense and loud? You Bet!

The temporary plywood fence is one of the limited proposed noise mitigation measures offered by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) EIR, prepared by David J Powers. The complaint against the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a subsidiary of Sutter Health, is that plywood fences and “quiet noise” machinery are not the only noise mitigations possible.

In order to comply with the City of Sunnyvale Noise Ordinance, further mitigation would be necessary. For instance, a reasonable mitigation would be to retrofit the affected homes nearby in order remain in compliance with city code.

The PAMF EIR is currently in a legal dispute regarding the City of Sunnyvale City Council approval.

CEQA requires there be a thorough analysis of alternatives that could reduce this significant adverse unavoidable environmental impact to a less than significant level.

The  plans submitted from PAMF are available for review at the Sunnyvale City’s One-Stop counter between 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday.


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