Vote Nov 8th Pat Meyering, David Whittum and Steve Hoffman_Sunnyvale City Council_Public Servants with Integrity

Vote for Sunnyvale Public Servants with Integrity Pat Meyering (Seat 5), David Whittum (Seat 4) and Steve Hoffman (Seat 6) City Council on Nov 8th!

Pat Meyering, David Whittum and Steve Hoffman are Sunnyvale Citizens working  for your best interests. In fact, contrary to their opponents, their campaigns are self-funded in order to exercise an objective thinking decision-making process to benefit you, not special interest groups.

Special Interest Watch is a valuable resource to discover who has, and is, funding the past, current and future City of Sunnyvale Council Members. When you review Special Interest Watch, ask yourself “Did the Council just vote on my behalf or the party to whom contributed to their election?”  

In a recent letter to the San Jose Mercury News Editor, Sunnyvale Council Candidate Steve Hoffman writes:

From: Steve Hoffman <>
To: Dave Butler San Jose Mercury News

Dear Mercury News, Editor of News, Mr. Dave Butler:

Attached is a scan of the most recent flyer of the “Committee for Measure A” (FPPC #1339844).  In it, Sunnyvale residents are warned that “Special Interest Groups” will say ANYTHING to keep them from voting for their mayor.

Curiously, as you can see in this committee’s most recent two FPPC form 460 filings (attached too), it is funded primarily by the very same special interest groups they are warning us of.

The total amount of money raised by this committee is $17,681.   As you can see almost 75% or $12,896 out of the total amount has been contributed by out-of- Sunnyvale residents/business , and as you can see below, all but one, are either developers or linked to developers, thus special interests.  This is consistent with developers’ interest to have undue influence over Sunnyvale ‘s Council and Mayor to promote their own financial interests without regard to Sunnyvale residents.

  1. $7,358 from Moffett Towers developer Jay Paul Company, of San Francisco
  2. $1,500 from sole owner of Prometheus Corp, a major Sunnyvale  developer and land owner, DNS Trust of San Mateo
  3. $1,000 from Taisei Construction Corporation of Santa Clara
  4. $1,000 from Property Manager Steve Pavlina of Kingsburg CA
  5. $1,038 from Realtor Daniel Ritter of San Jose
  6. $1,000 from Business Director Jackie Streeter of Saratoga


$12,896 Total

The supporters of Measure A are lying to Sunnyvale Residents in order to alter the elections.

Will the Mercury News stand up to this?

Now is the time for the Mercury News to publish a front page article on this before it is too late.

Please do so.

FYI: I am posing this e-mail to multiple Sunnyvale use groups that have hundreds of readers.

Thank you very much,

Steve Hoffman
Candidate for Sunnyvale Council Seat 6

In my opinion, Steve Hoffman, Pat Meyering and David Whittum display  an active engagement in pursuing the best for Sunnyvale Citizens.

Vote for Hoffman, Meyering, and Whittum for Sunnyvale City Council on Nov. 8th!

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